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My name is Roy Tomlinson and I have been training and breeding gundogs for over 20 years. Whilst I am best known for my Labradors I also train other breeds. I am an ex R.S.P.C.A. Inspector and do not condone any cruel treatment of dogs. Since becoming involved in training gundogs I have made up 2 Field Trial Champions, FTCH Glenmuick Achiever (Oscar) and his daughter FTCH Loxhore Fern of Lannaker (Fern). I am a Kennel Club "A" Panel Judge and have judged Field Trials and working tests in various parts of the UK, I have also judged gundogs in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Czech Republic.


Lorna was given obedience training by Roy "I was at my wits end with Lorna, my home bred Labrador. We live on a sheep and beef farm with our own small shoot. Last summer, after chasing lambs she retrieved one for me and later it died, so I kept her on a lead everywhere, but I knew I was getting nowhere, so decided to send her off for training, and then thought "No, the problem was here and my handling of her".
So I rang a friend who highly recommended Roy. From the first lesson I felt that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Roy showed me how to stop her chasing any sheep, and how to tell her off if she even thought of it. We also had to get her steadier on pheasant as she had chased them virtually all her life and retrieved them for me, but that had to be stopped in the right way. I am so grateful to Roy for his knowledge, patience and encouragement and the lessons here as it saved me from giving up on her and that would have been heartbreaking". Tina Freeman, Nutwell Farm.


Alfie was given gun-dog training by Roy "When I first met Roy, I had a 9 month old Springer Spaniel Alfie, who
was my first working dog, who thought he was the boss. 

With Roy's patience and very clear guidance and a lot of very hard work, I have now got a springer spaniel who is rising 3 years ofage who is a pleasure to take out. Thanks to Roy,  We have just enjoyed our first season of picking up together".   ROSE - Alfie's happy owner


Mabel was given gun-dog training by Roy "As a complete novice with a young dog I had completely given up.  The books and dvdís did nothing to help, so Mabel stayed firmly at home whilst everyone else went shooting. 

From lesson 1 with Roy we began to make progress and now we all go shooting and I am able to keep Mabel on the whistle as she chases a runner.  There is still occasional chaos, but we really are getting there!
It has been fantastic to learn a new skill and begin to have better understanding of my dog.  Roy visited us at home, so we were able to practice on our home shoot.  He is extremely calm and sensitive with the dogs; and I donít think I got shouted at once!  We had weekly lessons over a period of months and did our daily homework in between.  Roy also kindly provided the game and brought his own dogs along at the appropriate time so we could experience a bit of team work (....and how it should be done!). Also importantly, Roy was keen to understand my expectations of the training and what we wanted to achieve... And he got it exactly right Ė thank you Roy!"
   Mabel's happy owner


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